Choosing New Bathroom Faucet for Your Business?

WaterSense Bathroom Faucets

Are you installing new faucets in your commercial business lavatory? Here is a guide to all the important factors you need to take into consideration to make sure you get the exact right faucets for your budget.

Faucet Handle Type

There are three main options for commercial faucet handles:
• Touchless
• One Handle
• Two Handle

Touchless handles are often preferred in restaurants because they are more sanitary. However, touchless faucets are pricier and require a power source. When choosing between one-handle and two-handle faucets, keep in mind that it is easier to clean one-handle faucets.

Installation Type

Counter-mounted sink faucets are most common and economical. However, wall-mounted faucets are easier to clean and are better for smaller bathrooms because you will be able to set the sink right against the wall.

Mount Type

You will want to talk to your plumber about the best mount type for your spatial restrictions and plumbing system. These are the main options:
• One hole
• Shelf back
• Center-set
• Wide-set
• Wall mount

Flow Rate

Flow rate is very important when choosing a commercial faucet because it will impact your water bill, and also hot water heating costs. Commercial faucets usually range from 0.35gpm to 1.5gpm. Look for faucets which have the WaterSense label.

Power Source

If your bathroom faucet requires a power source, you will have multiple options. Again, it is best to talk to your plumber about which is most practical for your needs. The main options are:
• Battery
• Plug in AC
• Multi AC
• Hard wired AC


The color of your lavatory faucet isn’t just a style issue. It will also impact how easy it is to clean your faucet. Colors like silver tend to show water spots and fingerprints, but they are cheaper. Colors like satin chrome are pricier but don’t show spots and fingerprints as readily.


Finally, see what additional features are available. You will find options for commercial faucets like ground joints, temperature mixers, ADA Compliant, WaterSense Certified, and vandal resistant.

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